1,328% Growth in 7 Days — Sign of the next Big Industry for Blockchain?

While most people are carefully watching the price of Bitcoin as it teeters back and forth around $9k, many investors are missing out on excellent opportunities within the Altcoin space.

Most notability is the AI powered blockchain project that claims “to be the most powerful A.I. in the cryptocurrency space” whereby this A.I. service acts as a daily personal assistant 24/7 for the investor.

Does that sounds like a project worth investing in?

Some people may think so.

Over the last 7 days, this project has increased in price over 1,328%

Combining A.I. with Big Data

Imagine for a moment the potential and impact of an A.I. personal assistant filtering and processing all online data (in real-time) to provide you personalized and up-to-the-moment investment advice and insights.

Well, this is not fiction, rather the vision for this blockchain project.

This project is known as Daneel (DAN) and backing it is one of the world’s most powerful supercomputers — Watson. Daneel has teamed up with IBM and have access to the famous IBM supercomputer Watson which will will allow this blockchain project to use computer artificial intelligence (A.I.) with Big Data for some serious analytics.

For more information about this project — You can visit their website here: Daneel Project


Trading Automation: The Trading Bots have already taken over…

If you’ve spent much time on any of the larger exchanges, you’ll likely have already noticed the effects and manipulation trading bots have on the cryptocurency markets. Considered “dumb” by many, these bots use traditional stock market trading formulas and indices to determine their buy and sell positions.

Automated trading bots already make up a large percentage of trades and volume on many of the exchanges. With the addition of A.I. based trading bots — a whole new industry may be born.

It would be fair to say that A.I. trading bots may very well be the future for cryptocurrency trading as they would be faster, more efficient and pretty much beat a human on any measurable metric available.

Trading Bots with A.I. — A new Era for Passive Income?

There is the high likelihood in the not so distant future automated A.I. infused trading bots will dominate trading within the cryptocurrency markets. It’s likely these bots will outperform classical trading, potentially even working together with other bots at speeds and performing analysis beyond the comprehension of any human.

These bots would have the ability to buy, sell and even trade “data” among themselves, paying for their own hosting, data feeds and growing and developing autonomously.

We may be living in a time where in the not so distant future where A.I. trading bots, Dapps and smart contracts offer passive revenue streams for their owners while their systems develop and grow like little Tamagotchi’s that feed themselves and ultimately supportive their own growth.

A.I. Trading = Hot Market

A.I and big data is already very popular with many investors. With the potential that “A.I. assisted” or “A.I. direct trading” can offer to investors, it’s easy to see why this project has gained so much popularity recently.

Needless to say, keen investors should keep their eye open for more projects like this as they come down the pipeline.

And a healthy congratulation to all those investors who found this project early on and had the foresight to support it’s development with their investment (even if it was just 7 days ago).

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The markets are heating up! There are over 1,500 different cryptocurrencies actively traded right now and over 1,000 different cryptocurrency and blockchain projects at various stages of development and ICO funding.

As increasingly more projects enter the cryptocurrency space, its’ also becoming more difficult for part-time traders to follow all these new developments. Especially when it comes to sorting through all the chaff.

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