Welcome to the DeFi universe & promises of +100,000% APY

There is a whole new world of finance emerging and it’s called DeFi. Although Decentralized Finance (DeFi) has been around for a few years now, with the recent success of Olympus DAO, there are new projects coming to the market offering extraordinary APY’s of 88,830% and more.

To put this…

What happens when 3.24 billion gamers move to Crypto Gaming? Crypto Gaming will become the next 1000x investment.

The online gaming industry is massive.

According to an August survey by Statista, there are 3.24 billion gamers worldwide. The gaming sector is larger than the movie and music industry combined and it is only growing larger.

What happens when 3.24 billion gamers shift from online gaming to crypto gaming?

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You may want to start learning Spanish. The next wave of cryptocurrency adoption and utilization is south of the border.

While America is looking to criminalize certain types of cryptocurrency transactions, including prison time, many countries south of the border are taking a completely opposite approach.

Last month, El Salvador was the first country in the world to legislate Bitcoin as legal tender. …

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An analysis of the incredible ROI offered by some of the best performing cryptos and a few lessons for the rest of us.

There is no market like the cryptocurrency market.

It’s likely this market has created more millionaires than any other industry in the world (it's difficult to tell since most transactions are anonymous, yet this industry has gone from non-existent to over 2 trillion dollars in just 11 years).

It’s for…

Richard Knight

AltcoinInvestor.com | Tech Futurist | Analyst

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