The altcoin that started as a joke now ranks among the largest cryptocurrencies in the world — What?

In the last 12 months, Doge has gone up a staggering 22,879%

At the time of writing, Doge has surpassed Ripple in market capitalization and now sits as the world’s 4th largest cryptocurrency.

Dorian's Final Statement

We have all heard Bitcoin’s genesis story - A mystery man by the name of Satoshi Nakamoto who uploaded his code to the internet in 2009, effectively launching Bitcoin, and then disappears into thin air to never be heard from again.

A man who apparently acquired Ph.D. level knowledge of cryptography, computer programming, economics, then coded the world's most disruptive technology of the 21st century and uploaded it to the internet at near-perfect timing (just after the 2008 financial crash, giving it fertile ground for grassroots implementation).

This superhero then vanishes without a trace to never be heard from again…

A simple strategy to avoid personal liability for cryptocurrency transactions no matter your country of citizenship.

This is for entertainment purposes and not intended to be tax advice.

It’s Tax Season — Markus Winkler

Tax season is here.

It’s a busy time for tax accountants and also a time of concern for many cryptocurrency traders. It can also be a very costly time of year, given the tax implications of cryptocurrency trading for residents and citizens of many developed countries.

For many countries, including the USA, Canada, Australia, and parts of Europe, cryptocurrency transactions are uniquely subject to capital gains tax and the onerous reporting requirements that come with it.

Fortunately, there is a rather simple strategy to avoid the personal tax…

Bitcoin gave us a secure decentralized electronic payment mechanism and introduced the world to the blockchain and cryptocurrency. As much as Bitcoin has given to the world, it's now relegated as a store of value rather than a daily-use cryptocurrency.

Bitcoin is clearly the most popular cryptocurrency in the world but when it comes to a cryptocurrency for day-to-day use, there is no clear market leader.

The cryptocurrency that fills this gap will likely become the world’s most popular and widely used cryptocurrency. For the astute investor, this offers an extraordinary investment opportunity.

Is the cryptocurrency to fill this gap…

Photo by Jason Dent on Unsplash

It’s likely, the most anonymous (private) cryptocurrency in the world is a coin you have never heard of, and well that should be a crime. Not for the reason that there is anything wrong with private coins.

Rather, private and secure is at the core of what makes cryptocurrency what it is. Yet, when it comes to truly private and anonymous transactions, these cryptocurrencies are often hiding in the shadows.

Do you remember when it felt illegal to hold Bitcoin?

Depending on where you live, it may still be. However, for most people in the world, cryptocurrencies have become widely accepted and their use is increasingly becoming more common.


Source: Altcoin Investor

If you’re interested in altcoin investing then you are in luck as there is no shortage of cryptocurrencies to choose from. In the last decade, the cryptocurrency industry has exploded from a single (bit)coin to now over 10,000 different cryptocurrencies. With all this choice and new coins added daily, the altcoin investor is faced with an important question — Where do you start and how do you find the best investment?

One method would be to look for trends or patterns that exist within the top 100 cryptocurrencies by market capitalization and then extend those patterns to emerging coins. For…

Tom Cruise in “American Made”, Based on a true story

Is necessity really the mother of all invention?

Have we so soon forgotten as little as 5 years ago the media painted Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in a negative light. In the early days Bitcoin was associated with the Silk Road, illegal transactions and drug trafficking.

We seem to have forgotten these shady days now as the world looks to cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology as the foundational pillar for many of our industries. As financial institutions, Fortune 500 companies, developers and investors immerse themselves in this new technology, don’t we have the right to know the truth behind Bitcoin’s origin story?

Maybe if we take a closer look at…

After 10 years, Bitcoin isn’t any easier to understand - Here’s why:

For all the technical sophistication and intelligence gone into the masterminding and development of Bitcoin, it baffles the mind why the community continues to reinforce the use of bad synonyms and metaphors in the description of the operation and function of Bitcoin.

It’s the usage of these old, archaic and in many cases simply wrong terms that reinforce confusion among new users to cryptocurrency.

Cryptocurrency is very unique in form, function, and impact on society and as such, this technology deserves it’s own terminology to reflect this.

Here’s why...

1. It’s a Virtual Currency, Not a Coin:

A new perspective on valuing and defining CURRENCY

Let’s talk about a simple yet important perspective for the valuation of any currency; cryptocurrency or fiat for that matter.

This valuation method begins first with understanding an important meaning lodged neatly within the definition of the word cryptocurrency - a subtle definition that has unfortunately been lost on many investors.

Taking a closer look at the word cryptocurrency, we see it’s a compound word - that is, two smaller words combined to make a new word with its own meaning:

  1. CRYPTO: An abbreviation of the word cryptography; the art of writing or solving ciphers and codes;
  2. CURRENCY: Something that…

Profiting from BTC price trends echoed in Altcoins.

There is an important relationship between Bitcoin and Altcoins most cryptocurrency investors and speculators don’t give enough attention too.

The Altcoin Echo Effect may just be a fancy way of bringing attention to the correlation and between altcoin and bitcoin prices.

Richard Knight | Tech Futurist | Analyst

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