Biggest ICO’s of all Time (2018)

With Bitcoin and the cryptocurrency market capitalization trending down for the last few months those following cryptocurrency may be surprised by the timing of the largest (Pre) ICO which took place in February / March of this year — starting with Telegram.

$1.7 Billion++ : Telegram (GRAM) ICO (#1)

Holding top position by a large margin is Telegram by presale ICO to private investors which has already amounted to over $1.7 billion dollars for the inclusion of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology into their already highly successful secure messaging app.

$257 Million: FileCoin (FIL) ICO (#2)

In 2017, Filecoin was the largest ICO with over $257 million in funding raised (September of 2017).

$230 Million: Tezos (XTZ) ICO (#3)

In July of 2017, the blockchain project Tezos, offering on-chain governance and protocol management received over $230 million for their project.

$185 Million: EOS (EOS) ICO (#4)

Completing in June 2017, EOS completed their funding round with over $185 million for the project.

$153 Million: Bancor (BNT) ICO (#5)

In early June 2017, Bancor completed their ICO funding amounting to $153 million dollars which was at the time the largest ICO crowd funding event ever.

Final Thoughts…

Even though the price of many cryptocurrencies has fallen considerably over recent months and taking with it market capitalization, these recent ICOs could indicate large investment is moving from existing coins to new coins (and technologies) under development in the form of ICOs.

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